If you look around, nearly a third of all men are sporting a beard. In ancient times, it was a symbol of status for men to wear beards. While that trend has had its own ebbs and flows over the years, since 2010 the beard trend has been growing.

Not sure what style works for your face? Looking at what is trending on the streets and big screen are great ways to identify the look that may suit you. Its easy to use a Google search and find all the “beards” and everything else pertaining to beards - from the bearded boys’ clubs to blogs and vlogs that showcase the best products to use to take your look to the next level. Beards are no longer just grown; beards are a movement.

In 2020, it is becoming apparent that there are five top trends popping up and we think you just may want to check out the best on the block this year. 

The Full Beard

It takes some time to grow a full beard, so if you are considering this style, don’t expect it to happen overnight. Still, while it grows it’s important to take care of grooming. Don’t forget that even with a full beard, trimming is necessary. Forgetting to trim up your cheek and jaw line is a big faux pas. We always recommend trimming with a clean, dry, combed beard which will decrease pulling and lessen the chance of nicks and cuts.

Those first few times you shape your full beard can be intimidating, so take your time and be careful. You can always go shorter, but growing it back takes time, so start slow. Use bigger guards and work your way backwards to protect your efforts. Caring for your beard is as important as any other ritual you have. Keeping your beard healthy takes some work, but using beard wash, conditioner and a comb will keep it in check. We promise after a few weeks of consistent effort it will be worth the wait.

The Beardstache

Is it a beard or mustache? It's both. The trend of the “Beardstache” is a newer creature to the beard scene and is growing in popularity. While some people simply abhor the look, it is becoming especially popular with the younger crowd. It consists of a heavily grown in mustache paired with a well-trimmed and maintained shorter style beard. Like its full beard friend, this style takes a while to perfect and wear out looking like the cover of a magazine, so be patient with yourself as you get it to the length and look you like.

Getting the Beardstache to look just right can be tricky, so we suggest starting with a full 'Stache first and then grow in the stubble within a couple days of getting your upper lip looking as you like. If that doesn’t seem to work for you, keep trimming that lower jaw and let that 'Stache grow in.


The Goatee

This beard style may be the most versatile of beards, with several substyles under the big umbrella goatee moniker. Those wearing a goatee don anything from the landing strip to the anchor or the full goatee. The choices for the Goatee are plentiful and seem to allow individuals to create their own unique look. This style is best achieved after growing a full beard and trimming, shaping and styling to get just the right facial hair style you like to sport.

The Short Beard

While almost any beard style is acceptable in the workplace, in years past, the short beard was the style most accepted in the white-collar world. This carefully manicured look tends to be the most prevalent amongst men in the corner office. Still, as with any beard, this style takes time and care with trimming every few days, coming and beard oil. Most think of famous actor George Clooney when they consider this style and we hear most ladies love it.


The Stubble Look

Often referred to as the 5 o’clock shadow, this sexy look seems to appeal to the older teens and young twenty-somethings. People also consider this look to be the rugged weekend style that many men sport when they have time off. While thought to require little maintenance the stubble look still does in fact require something from those who wear it. Don’t forget to trim down your neck and cheek lines keeping this look clean and remember trimming still is necessary every couple days to keep you looking top notch.


The Brio Beardscape and its counterpart, the Axis are the perfect tools to add to your collection and help you to obtain the perfect beard. With ceramic blades and lithium ion batteries, these products have helped men shape up and look their best with any beard style.

As always, our top notch customer care team is ready to assist you at a moments notice with questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing how your Brio help you look your bearded best and don’t forget, tag #showyourbrio for a chance to win monthly prizes.

April 11, 2020 — Elizabeth North