Alright ladies, I’m going to come right out and say it. You know what the worst part of the first day of pool season really is? That moment you realize you forgot to shave. You know what moment I’m talking about. The point of no return, when you inevitably have to take your kimono off and …damn how could I forget that part? The first day of summer can be overwhelming; your routine to get summer ready shouldn’t have to be. Here’s how I prepare to have the ultimate summer body.

 The Brio Ivy Trimmer is every girl’s favorite Women's Trimmer this summer. Before I do anything remotely close to putting on my swimsuit, I always shave first. The Brio Ivy Trimmer makes sure I am always summer ready with no awkward surprises, I love it. It is so simple to use, just one button to turn on and off, there’s no secret to it! This baby cuts close and gets all the edges. The Ivy Trimmer was designed with a ceramic blade, which is 4x as strong as a stainless steel blade but creates less friction so I never experience irritation. Can someone say finally a product that gets us! I have really sensitive skin and in the past have struggled with irritation and bikini bumps so finding a trimmer that not only felt safe while using it but also left my skin clear is a huge bonus. The Ivy Trimmer comes with a .5mm blade allowing me to trim nice and close while protecting my skin from any potential snags. Before the Brio Ivy Trimmer I used triple blade razors that would always snag my skin or create in-grown hairs, not fun! Since I’ve been introduced to my Ivy Trimmer razors is a thing of the past. A luxury trimmer without the cost of constantly having to buy new razors every month? Yes please!

 After I shave with my Ivy Trimmer, I moisture my skin with Jojoba Oil. The absolute best skin moisturizer, I cannot stress this enough! Jojoba oil does a lot for our skin. It doesn’t clog your pores, which can help prevent acne and irritation. Keeping healthy moisturized skin is extremely important especially after intense sun exposure. Plus the oil gives your body a nice healthy dewy look and helps highlight your bronzed skin. Applying jojoba oil after using my Brio Ivy Trimmer my skin has never felt softer! This dynamic duo is must have this summer.

 When I am all done, the Ivy Trimmer comes with an awesome case that protects and organizes your Ivy Trimmer and accessories. It stores perfectly in my medicine cabinet and easily packs away for when I go on trips. If you’re looking for a quality trimmer, the Ivy Trimmer was engineered and designed to get the job done and last. You can kiss bikini bumps and snags goodbye and say hello to your ultimate summer body.

June 28, 2019 — Shelby Packard